Nero Light: Shadows of Catastrophe

After a huge explosion, Nero City has been quarantined and lost all communication with the outside world.

Just beyond the Exclusion Zone, lies the smuggler settlement Horizon, once mostly filled with outlaws, criminals and corporate agents who wanted to keep a low profile, and now suddenly filled with refugees and the center of attention for those with an interest in the events in Nero – and that is everyone.

Nero Light is a cyberpunk LARP that focuses on individual stories and personal sinister plots. A privately owned location gives organizers and players great freedom in constructing camps. Our custom-built SOUL-device lets us fully use the potential of the cyberpunk genre, by providing all players with a cybernetic implant that enables plot, player interactions and gameplay options none of us have had in any previous scenarios.

Enjoy some bad-ass cybernetics. Embrace the conspiracies. Get your character into deep shit. Bring your friends.

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Credit: Jackalope Live Action Studios’ Cyberpunk: Night City LARP. Photographer, Logan Crouch. Used with permission.