Visit the Citizen Profile site

Your character in Nero Light: Shadows of Catastrophe will have a citizen profile. This ties to the SOUL, we are providing you with at check-in. It will hold your personal infomation, credits and a message system to communicate with your friends (see SOUL for more information).

In order to match character and player, we have made an ingame Citizen Profile site for you to fill out. This can already be done now – however some functionality such as credit transfers and messaging will not be available until your ticket is paid.

What can I do on the citizen profile site?

  • Fill out character details such as name, background story and relations to other player charachers.
  • Mark your preferred playstyles, so Game Design can tailor a specific plot experience for you
  • Choose your primary and hidden faction, and also mark your character as a part of a specific group.
  • Choose abilities in our talent calculator.
  • Transfer credits (available with ticket purchase).
  • Message other player characters (available with ticket purchase).
    This message history will appear in your SOUL’s activity log after game start, so please keep it ingame.

Some functionality is not yet fully implemented and will be available early 2021.

Get started here!