*-isms are obsolete!

This is a setting where your implants matter more than your biology. Characters care as little about skin tone as they do hair color. An inconspicuous 50kg woman might well overpower a 150kg brute. Carrying a bit of extra weight matters as little to an implant as it does to a vehicle. Apparent disabilities in an age of gene editing are more likely to tell of a botched augmentation or someone who sacrificed one aspect of their body or cognition to amplify another.

Judging people by their looks is a rookie mistake worthy of mockery in a world where their economic power and the implants they can afford matters a thousand times more.

Sex, transgressive play and off-game boundaries

If sexual situations occur, it is up to the players how to play the scenes as long as it is done in accordance with both their own boundaries and those of everyone else present.

Nero Lights is an 18+ scenario and that means that there might be rough themes and intense situations, including about sex, torture and abuse. To ensure social safety, we have these rules:

  • Any player can instantly stop abusive scenes (including sexual threats) that involve their character – both before and during the scene. This applies whether you are the witness or the abuser (or any other character who can’t easily remove yourself from the situation). Use the safe word “off-game” to either end the scene, or to readjust consent, intensity and expectations before continuing.
  • If someone escalates transgressive play in a way that doesn’t go beyond your boundaries but is very much undesired (perhaps you don’t feel intimidated by sexual threats to your character, but it’s very much unwelcome) please do all parties the favor of using the safe word and letting them know that you don’t want play to progress in that direction.
  • Escalating into transgressive play (particularly anything to do with sex, sexual violence or sexual threats) will get you banned from the scenario if you violate the boundaries of others. We are trusting you by not banning these forms of play, but that means the responsibility is 100% on the escalating player to have verified that other players are ok with what is going on. (Note that “escalating player” doesn’t just mean the abuser – it can also mean a person ordering the abuse or in rare cases a victim escalating beyond the boundaries of others.)

If you experience boundaries being violated, or miscommunications that risked going in that direction, please inform us so we can be aware of any potential problems and ensure player safety. If someone feels seriously violated, the default is for the escalating player to be sent home from the scenario (and likely banned from future scenarios).

We will check on the individual circumstances, so if a good effort was made to check on expectations and consent, and if the violated person backing out of the situation was handled in a supportive manner, we will of course take that into account. Particularly if the party who got their boundaries violated considers the other person to have acted in good faith and has no hard feelings + doesn’t feel that player would be a threat to others, we will of course act accordingly.

This also means that if one of your friends went too far and you just want to talk it out amongst yourselves, you can safely contact the organizers about the situation and let us assist you as needed, without fear that we’ll throw your friend out against your wishes.

(These rules primarily apply to any situations involving torture, sex, sexual violence or sexual threats. If you threaten to violently dismember someone with a pineapple and that somehow triggers a trauma in them, that you couldn’t possibly have known about, just handle the situation in a supportive manner and there’ll be no hard feelings.)