Dates and access

Nero Light will begin July 28 to August 1 2021 (28/07/2021) at 18:00 and end Saturday (01/08/2021) at 23:59

Early access to the game area (for construction purposes) can be had from Tuesday 27th (27/07/2021) at 12:00


Coming soon.


Nero:Light will be held in in a plot of land near farm-country, south of Næstved approx. 1 hour drive from Copenhagen (by car).

Public transportation approx. 25 min. from Næstved station.

The address is:
Ringvej 55,
4750 Lundby

Shuttle Service for international.

Coming soon.

What is the age limit?

18 years of age (due to alcohol, violence and other mature content).

How do I get food?

There may be a kiosk available for use with a few minor essentials provided by the organisational team (real money payment). There is a supermarket available near by (2.8 km) – driving distance is within 5 minutes, walking will take you ~ half an hour.

In-game we hope that some of your fellow players will create a bar or a dining place. You can then buy your food from them, with in-game money and a little bit of off-game money as well. Dependent on initiatives you might be able to go to a fancy restaurant or a small hole-in-the-wall noodle shop.

Bringing your own food is fine. Consider the play element of buying your food in-game.

What is the alcohol policy?

Alcohol is generally fine. We expect you to to conform to basic standards of acceptable behavior in regular society, such as treating others with common decency, and limiting yourself so it doesn’t affect your ability to remain in-game.

Where do I sleep?

You will have the option to sleep either in or off game.

If you wish to have the option to be off game when you sleep, there will be an area available where you can pitch a tent. You must bring your own tent for this

In game, you will have a number of other options.
You may sleep in the refugee camp, or in any store/faction related building where the person(s) responsible (the builders or main users of the structure) have okay-ed it.

Other necessities

Toilet facilities are standard festival issue.

There will not be facilities for showering.


Tickets are available below:

Coming soon.


The price for the scenario is .(Coming soon) This covers the cost for toilets, theming, water, (available in select locations), and the rental cost of the UNIT device.

A cleaning deposit of 100DKK is applied per participant. The scenario is held on private property, so please clean up after yourself. The deposit will be released upon clearing by the game management

Participant limits

We want to create a great scenario. This means that we require a minimum amount of players to create the atmosphere we feel is needed to provide everyone with a good level of enjoyment. We have a fixed lower limit before we will run the event:

Less than XX players will result in the scenario being cancelled and everyone being provided a full refund.

Maximum limit is 150 players.