We wish Nero Light to be a LARP with enough up-front safety measures that we can safely go all out in play, without having to worry about social distancing or risks of finding covid on the location halfway through the scenario.

Luckily, the authorities estimates that Denmark will reach a safe risk level 1-2 months prior to Nero Light. In this section you’ll find our plan for a safe execution of the scenario and relevant information, should we be forced to postpone.

The Plan

As vaccines are being widely rolled out, our primary hope is to have a state of society, where everybody who want to be vaccinated, can be. Authorities estimate this to achieved by June.

With this as the status quo, our conditions for participating in Nero Light will be as follows:

  • You are vaccinated*
  • If you cannot be vaccinated, you must display a negative test taken in the 72 hours leading up to the scenario. Please also make sure to minimize risks and outside contact between taking the test and until the scenario is done.

*If your vaccination has yet to take full effect, a negative test will also be required.

International players, from countries who have not been able to offer them a vaccine, might be met with increased safety requirements for entry, depending on an individual risk assessment and the number of players we have who are unable to receive a vaccine for medical reasons and will be relying on herd immunity.

Plan B

If there are delays in reaching total vaccine capacity in time, we have a Plan B that still has a strong safety margin. For Nero Light to run, the following conditions must be met:

  • Events up to 500 people are legal
  • Every participant can present documentation on vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test max. 72 hours old.
  • Every participant is extra careful and social distanced the week up to the scenario. This will also include sharpened restrictions of how participants transport themselves to the location as to limit contact with outsiders. Participants travelling by plane must display negative tests taken after the travels.

The Cut Date

Until we reach May we cannot assume too much about the situation, as official predictions are that the numbers will initially get worse and then very rapidly improve by May-June when the vaccines more fully roll out.

The latest cut date for a decision whether as to go through with Nero Light or not will be June 28th.

Postponing the scenario

If the scenario is postponed, all players will be informed and get the choice of either getting a refund of the ticket price or having the ticket transferred to the following year.
Be aware that any transferred tickets with special early bird discounts will be subtracted from the following years’ pool of available discounts, so if you want to ensure a ticket of the same price tier, you should transfer instead of refunding. A refund will not cover any fees paid to the ticket service.