Nero Light will sadly be postponed to 2022, running from the 26th-31st of July.

We understand why people have been holding back on buying tickets and committing to scenarios this summer – especially with the delays on the vaccine plan.. All scenarios are down by 75% of their usual signups at this point, but this last-minute purchasing affects our vision for creating strong personal experiences: Normally players would already be planning, plotting and forming relations, and we would be able to write plots for you. If most players decide to join around June-July, neither we nor the players will have the time needed to create a great story and plotlines for them to delve into during the scenario.

Furthermore, the SOULs take time and money to produce and the ticket sales do not match our schedule. Getting the tech components delivered and assembling them requires 1-2 months to be safe, and if most players buy their ticket at the last second, we won’t have the funds and the knowledge of how many components to order in time. In addition, the pandemic has made a shortage of microchips, driving their price up.

What about the tickets bought this year?

Tickets bought this year will be valid for Nero Light in 2022, but we will of course also offer a full reimbursement (apart from fees) to those of you who wish to. Ticket reimbursements will be possible until the 31rd of July.

But there’s also good news!!

The past couple of months we have been working on a collaboration with the library of Næstved, and we are currently discussing the practicalities of this. This collaboration with the library of Næstved will bring funding for the SOUL, lowering our ticket prices. By how much is still to be determined, but rest assured: If you choose to keep your ticket, and we lower ticket prices, you will get an equal or greater discount refunded – as well as some bonuses for being an early supporter of the project.

We will continue working and making sure that Nero Light 2022 will become as futuristic and awesome as you would expect it to be. Stay tuned.