Nero Light is cancelled.

This is the most technologically ambitious scenario any of us have undertaken as organizers, and we would not have considered it feasible without our tech lead whose passion and unique skill sets have been taking us way beyond what we had ever considered possible beforehand.

Sadly, tragedy struck on multiple levels in 2020 and he lost his life partner to sudden cancer. Since then, he’s had to find time for healing, and the SOUL development became a burden rather than passion project – which is not a viable strategy for something that was carried by his 1000s of volunteer hours invested into making something exceptional. He continued putting a lot into following through on it, despite the motivation/momentum killer of Covid preventing signups and player engagement – but after months of him trying to force the remainder through out of sheer commitment, we’ve all had to realize that the project is not healthy for him at this point in his life, and that has to take first priority.

There are other factors: During Covid, the’re been a massive chip shortage, such that the tech components for the SOULs would cost 300% of pre-covid prices and even at those prices we wouldn’t have them in hand for additional prototyping before February. It appears temporary but there’s no news on when those prices will normalize again. Even so, those difficulties are secondary to prioritizing the health and recovery of those on our team.

For now, the project has been shelved entirely. The game design and all other up-front work has long-since been fully prepped, so if at some point in the distant future the SOUL turns out to be completed as a passion project and chip prices have normalized, the team might well come together to make this scenario a reality, but it’s not something any of us are planning for.

hanks to everyone who helped organize this and to the many players and teams who provided invaluable support for us through all the struggles and uncertainties of Covid.