While the team is new, they are no strangers to the LARP scene. Between them the team members have more than 50 years of experience.

Marc Bredal Jensen – Administrator

Although he has only a few years of experience LARPing, Marc quickly became active in the organizational aspects of the scene.
Marc started playing in 2015, and in 2016 he joined as co-organizer of the FATE tour (2016 to 2018).

Marc has always had a passion for cyberpunk, and is the main catalyst behind the creation of Nero Light.

Marc is designing the city and is also responsible for the practical aspects of the scenario.

Marc Fornes-Mora – Logistics

Marc has been LARPing since 1998, and has a fondness for armour and guns. He has participated in a vast number of events in genres ranging from fantasy to horror and even submarine simulation in an actual Soviet submarine.
When it comes to organizing LARPs, Marc has mainly had a logistics and construction function, though sometimes he pitches in with plots, costumes and NPC work.

Hans Peter Haastrup-Nielsen – Hard- and Software systems

With more than 9 years of experience in hardware design and embedded systems, Hans Peter is an obvious choice for designing the UNIT concept and the surrounding systems.
Hans Peter has only little experience with LARPing but, being on the technical side of things, this won’t matter much.
“I’ve always wanted to build props from movies, but my main problem is that I wan’t them to work properly. I can finally do that with the UNIT” he says.

Embla Taxholm – Hype and Social Media Manager

Starting at a young age, Embla has been LARPing since she was 11.
She exclusively played Fantasy LARP until about two years ago when she experienced the wonders of the post-apocalyptic world. Ever since, she has been exploring the LARP scene outside of the fantasy worlds.

Embla loves everything cyberpunk, from the neon lights to the dystopian societies. The aesthetic and feel of cyberpunk is what draws her to it, the colours, the clothing and the questions you can ask about humanity in that kind of universe.
She has the perfect kind of energy to be a Hype Manager, and the skills and patience to handle the Social Media every LARP needs. Being a professional artist also helps in spreading the hype through awesome drawings and pictures.

Mia Louw Håkonsen – Game Design, Writing Lead

Mia has been writing and organizing for some of Denmark’s biggest LARPs since 2012 – most notably as one of the founders and lead organizers of the Game of Thrones LARPs Tronspillet 1 and 2.
She has 15 years of experience as a writer doing forum role-play, and her first publication as a fantasy author was released in 2020. Mia has also been writing and performing geeky stage comedy since 2012. In her professional life she works as an IT consultant, specializing in data visualization.
Over the past 13 years Mia has enjoyed LARP in fantasy, post apocalyptic and sci-fi genres, and with Deus Ex as one of her long-time favorite games is now looking forward to moving into cyberpunk.

Ejnar Håkonsen – Game Design, Mechanics Lead

Ejnar has assisted with organizing LARPs since 2008. His first LARP as one of the leading organizers was Tronspillet 2 in 2017.
As a hobbyist, Ejnar has been designing and implementing games since the age of 10. He has worked as a professional game designer on Game Designer on 4 Steam titles, with a particular speciality in systems design and balance.

He now focuses on his new business, applying system design and optimization principles to mental health and therapy. On the side, he continues game design projects, and still multiclasses as a game design consultant, when game companies need a specialist in systems and mechanics.
Ejnar has been a pen & paper game master for many years and has a particular love of settings filled with intrigue and conspiracy.

Troels – Game Design and Logistics Liaison

Troels first organized LARPs in 2000 and after a long hiatus returned to organizing with Tronspillet 2 in 2017.
He’s a scenario author, jury member and regular game master at the Danish RP con Fastaval, which he has attended for 21 years.

Troels has founded an event company and uses a self-built spaceship simulator to teach teambuilding and communication to some of Denmark’s biggest corporations. Since 2017 most of his daily work has been spent designing, constructing and maintaining escape rooms.
With his versatile skill set, Troels dual-classes as plot and game design as well as practical execution of the scenario.