To make a convincing setting, we need to build Horizon. You are not required to sleep ingame (there is plenty of space to set up a tent offgame), but every group must build their camp. Some groups will be offered a place in-doors (the bar, the police station), but the interior is still the group’s responsibility. 

A style guide and a location overview will be available later. For now we can supply some over-all guidelines:

  • No party pavillions or tents
  • Shanty’s and Sheds must strive to have a fabricated and sleek look. Not a jury rigged look(We need your help to make it CYBERpunk, not post apo)
  • Wood should be painted. 

When all groups have registered, we will allocate space and send out information about camp placements.

Credit: Jackalope Live Action Studios’ Cyberpunk: Night City LARP. Photographer, Logan Crouch. Used with permission.