Power Ticket




  • This Power Ticket gives You and Your group use of up to 1 KW continuous current during Nero Light
  • Under no circumstances exceed 1000 W (1.0 KW) for any amount of time, not even a few seconds
  • Examples of power consumption :
  • 1 LED Bulb : 3 W
  • 1 Table top Lamp: 5-150 W
  • 1 Laptop Computer: 100-150 W
  • 1 High Power Desktop computer: 150-650 W
  • 1 Electrical Water kettle : 1200-1400 W
  • Sound system, compact (i.e. Bluetooth speaker): 3W
  • Medium sound system (Ghetto Blaster) : 150 W
  • Large Sound System (Discoteque Sound Box) : Up to 1200 W
  • As You can see, devices vary extensively in power consumption, So please check the label/plate on Your Device(s). Failure to comply can result in power outages and compromise the infrastructure for everyone.

If You need more power, You will need a to purchase several tickets