You will play as one of the inhabitants of Horizon. This could be a refugee, one of the original inhabitants or someone who has come with an agenda from outside the disaster zone.

You will be someone working to get by and make a living in these chaotic days. A trader, someone running a bar, a doctor, a policeman, someone working with Cyberware etc.

Beyond this, you will most likely also belong to one of the factions trying to control the district. This can be either as your main occupation or as a side hustle. You can be a member of the Mafia, a street gang, a police informant, work for city authorities, the corporations, be part of the Trader’s Society or form your own faction entirely.

Public and hidden agendas

Primary faction: All characters have a primary faction. This faction will be your day job. If you for instance choose the police, some of your time will be spent working as part of the police force in the city.

If you wish to join one of the main factions such as the police force, we will get in touch with you about which kind of role you will have in that organization.

Hidden faction: If you wish to have a hidden faction, this is your undercover or clandestine work. So if you choose police as your hidden faction, you will secretly be a police informant in addition to whatever else your character does.

Leadership roles

If you want to join the leadership of one of the factions and be a part of designating the inner workings of it, let us know on your signup and it will be done (you’re also welcome to write to us about your plans and concepts before you submit your character).

The major characters and leaders of the main factions are not yet defined and that is perfectly on purpose since we would love to have you influence that.


If you wish to be an independent trader selling your own goods, you can mark your faction as the Guild. 

Independent factions

If you wish to form your own faction, get in touch with us.

Read more about the factions

The city government is or should be in charge of running things. Nero City used to have a democratic system, and it is rumored to still be in place in much of the city, but events outside the Exclusion Zone have been run by the Crisis Administration which is not directly elected and is only subject to the higher powers elsewhere in the city. The Crisis Administration consists of bureaucrats and scientists and appears to be split between corrupt officials trying to help mostly themselves and idealist government employees trying to do the best they can to work for the population.

Offgame Team Leader: Spot open.
The NCPD (Nero City Police Department) is the police force. Nominally under the control of the Crisis Administration, they are supposed to carry out their work and ensure law and order. Of course, they have only just relocated their remnants to an outpost that was used to seeing minimal police attention. After the disaster, the police have grown into their own power and are becoming increasingly difficult to control, now that the officials are cut off from their base of power and authority in Nero City.

Offgame Team Leader: Joel Nederbye
Please contact the organising team, if you want to work in law enforcement.
Horizon as the rest of the world feels the influence of the big corporations. While they have little direct influence over the government of Nero City, several corporations wield greater economic means and geopolitical power than a large country - and use those means with even less oversight and accountability.

Corporate presence in Horizon can be everything from officials gathering/suppressing information on events and technicians overseeing deployments of new implants, to diplomats sent to ensure proper cooperation with authorities and criminals alike.

Read more about the individual corporations.
The Yakuza has always been running all things that were not quite legal and still do. Drugs, guns, illicit gambling and everything else and in between. Since the crisis they have moved into the market of cybernetics and have a very active group of cybernetic pirates offering to fix people up and improve them in direct competition with The Corporation.

Offgame Team Leader: Mark Risegaard Bentsen (Contact via Facebook or markrbentsen@hotmail.com)
Not big enough or good enough to be a part of the Yakuza? No problem. Horizon is crawling with small gangs trying to move up in the hierarchy. Write to us, if you want to put your street gang on the map.
The Guild consists of all kinds of small business people who are plying their own trades in Nero City. Anything from bars and doctors to food vendors. The Guild does not directly interfere in the lives or business of its members. It is more like a coalition where the small traders support one another and further the interest of their members so they don't stand on their own when pressured by criminals or law enforcement.