You can play your preferred play style(s) at Nero Light. In the registration form we will ask which play style(s) you prefer to make sure we do not involve the chill camp-LARP’er in the combat plot. This info will only be given to the game design team, so be sure to talk to the people you make relations to, so they know which kind of play you seek. As we will primarily focus on making plot and events for whole groups, a combat focused group with a few non-combat characters might get more than one plot thrown after them as to engage all types of players. Be sure to include all your teammates when a plot enters your group.

A lot of the work game design will be doing requires the players to play ball to each other. Plot and events are always more fun if more people are involved, so share it with your fellow role players if a plot gets thrown at you.

Nero Light has a focus on plot and stories, but the setting has room for all styles of play. There’s room for both the chill camper, the scheming player, the NERF-fighters and the detectives. The scenario is not a sandbox, and game design will try to incorporate as much information from your group and individual concepts into the general setting as possible.

Credit: Jackalope Live Action Studios’ Cyberpunk: Night City LARP. Photographer, Logan Crouch. Used with permission.

Personalized plot

In game design we want to create a personalized experience for every group. This means that we create plots and events based on the information, you write to us in your group registration. We will match your stories and play style with other player groups and entwine other players into the plots you create. If you already have a plot planned you are more than welcome to send us an email – then we might use it in the story or put hints out to let other players know, something is going on.

We cannot ensure that every player gets a fully personalized plot, so our main focus will be connecting the groups and factions and make sure everybody feels they can dig into some story or unsolved mystery. 

If you during play feel left out of a plot and don’t have enough to play on, we urge you to talk to the game design team.

Plots: Small and large

We want you to engage in the world of Nero Lights. We are going to use the environment and the possibilities of the technology to tell stories, small and large. You can follow the background of Horizon and and Nero Lights through lore bits, physically found around the city. These can also tie into the bigger plot at play, in the game. We invite you to explore and interact with these plot elements, and we really want to make Nero Lights LARP and truly immersive narrative experience. 

Credit: Jackalope Live Action Studios’ Cyberpunk: Night City LARP. Photographer, Logan Crouch. Used with permission.


All characters will receive a SOUL. This cybernetic implant stores your character’s digital identity and facilitates communication, hacking, bounties and other aspects of the play experience and plot.

The SOUL is at the heart of the Nero Lights setting and will be an integrated part of characters, culture and narrative.

Providing cybernetic devices to all players let our design team do things that have never been possible in any of our previous scenarios: Expect us to get a hold of our players more easily and be able to better launch and spread plots. We can also monitor the spread of information, control the economy and locate people. It further allows us to make a deep rule system, yet one that you will hardly notice in game.

Read more about SOUL here.


Cyberware is an integral part of this LARP and virtually everyone is augmented in some way (and with varying degrees of success).

You can design and incorporate any kind of implants into your costume and body as you see fit. If you develop something cool, we might even be able to integrate it with game mechanics or plot.

Feel free to write to us with any ideas you might have.