Meet your SOUL

The Sentience Optimization UpLink (nowadays just called SOUL) was a breakthrough in human cognitive enhancement and digital integration. The SOUL attaches to the forearm and augments the cognitive abilities of the wearer while enabling them to connect with other SOULs and perform digital actions.

The SOUL allows messaging other players, showing your identity to the authorities, transferring credits, hacking others, snooping in people’s personal data, tracking bounties, concealing identities, hacking cybernetic implants and more. It will be a core part of the setting and gameplay.

Both hardware and software are custom built for this purpose. It will be a small touchscreen attached to your wrist and equipped with an interface designed for these game mechanics, which your character can choose to visually customize to suit their personality. They will run on our own network, without distractions from the outside world.

Since this is a cyberpunk setting, all characters will have a degree of competence with the SOUL, although they may specialize in vastly different skills with it.