Horizon started as a small settlement of thieves and smugglers at a convenient distance from the spotlight of Nero authorities. It didn’t take many years for it to evolve into a real community with lasting buildings and a local bar. 

No-one wants to leave outlaws to govern their own territory, so the megacorp QDT soon found its way to Horizon to work out a mutually beneficial set of laws with the established Yakuza. Some old buildings were seized to house the offices, and with this new influx of law, followed “order”. The police established a somewhat makeshift station in these run-down ruins of the pre-modern times, and from here they attempt to uphold the law and punish all perpetrators.

You can find all sorts of people in Horizon. In the past it was mostly travellers. Now it’s mostly travellers, who forgot to leave. 

Some chose to work there, some got reassigned. Some have never known life outside this little dot on the map, while others only visit, having fled this hole for the greatness of the Big Light. 

The catastrophe of Nero has put Horizon more on the map than anyone there wants. It is the closest place to the Exclusion Zone, you can get without being hauled away by military patrols, and understandably where everyone from the outside world assumes the best and newest information will be.