These are just some of the corporations who rule the world as much or sometimes more than the governments.  If you and your group have an idea for a corporation, please write us an email with your awesome idea – then we’ll make sure to include it in the background lore and tell other players, who should know about it.

The corporations grew large in the early 21th century, and several had a revenue larger than a small country. Then they grew even bigger and made more money than even large countries. Then they bought those countries out. Now they don’t just own land, they also have sovereignty – The big four become known as the extraterritoriality corporations. The Mega Corps.

QDT  – Quintan Diversified Cybertech

None is bigger than the QDT

QDT delivers life, simply put. They are the world’s largest landlord, the largest producer of foodstuff and hold a major market share in pharmaceuticals. But most importantly of all: They own your SOUL: The obsequious device that manages almost every aspect of citizens lives –  or controls, depending on who you ask. 

If you don’t have the device on you, you can’t pay for goods, you can’t get medicine, you can’t use public transport and you can’t even identify yourself – The latter is a jailable offence. So make sure you don’t end in a situation where you need to identify yourself.  You are a pariah, a non-human and the rest of the world don’t take kindly to the SOULless.  

Arentil Redefined Cybernetics

It didn’t start with the QDT 

Arentil was the first to become its own sovereign entity. This was a move to circumvent international laws that restricted human enhancement through cybernetics. But once they removed that minor inconvenience, they soon redefined what it meant to be human; Blurring that fine line between man and machine. 

This led to a rapid growth for the company, both dominating the field of cybernetic prosthetics and human enhancement. Led by its own success, ARC never branched out, focusing solely on it’s main expertise. When the rest of the world surpassed them, ARC stood their ground, then stayed there. 

With the emergence of bioware, other corporations started taking over market shares. ARC is a leviathan in it’s autumn. 

Centerra BioCorp 

Centerra is the brash and fresh upstart in the Big Four group. The youngest of the four, it came into fame by introducing body enhancement – without machines. After buying a small european country (with all its citizens), they introduced the future of human existence: Self-repairing kidneys, extra hearts and lungs that filter toxic gasses. CBC even hinted at a new product: Skin that can withstand the toxic rain, which falls on 37% of earth’s surface. 

Prismatic Core Informatics

They say PCI is the biggest company that doesn’t exist. It’s cute, but it’s wrong. Just because their primary asset is virtual – good ideas and lots of bytes, does not make them non-existent. And the entire mountains that have been hollowed out, to house the data storage needed to run The Matrix, are quite substantial as well. 

Whenever you log on, jack up or make a Total Immersion Connection to the Matrix, PCI mediates that… and profits.