Nero – City of Light

Asia’s largest city and one of the world’s leading technological superpowers. Nero City was the starting point for the visionary research into artificial intelligence and cybernetically enhanced organic matter, and as the success grew, so did the city.

The government, riding on the winds of this success, made the decision to defy the worldwide ban on research into advanced AI and cybernetic human bodies in collaboration with the mega corp ARC – a decision that would change the world forever.

Through the protests and outrage, Nero continued the endeavor, and soon other city states and corporations followed in its footsteps. Still, Nero was years ahead and would soon make the first cybernetic brain implant, birthing the first true human cyborg.

With the ban on advanced AI now just merely a memory of the past, the research went from medicinal applications to war.

This change in priorities was both made as the lucrative possibilities in the venture, but also as more city states and corporations began to rise with their own tech. Weaponized AI and cybernetics were both used for protection inside the walls of Nero, but much was also soon being sold to allies across the globe.

As for the corporations in the city, ARC who had been the base of all the glory, started to fade as other corporations made their entrance in the glowing, rising city. All of them with the greedy thirst for ownership over the land on which Nero rests. Land neither government nor citizens would freely give up.


With success and money comes everything else, you could expect: Smugglers, thieves, Yakuza and corporate agents. 

In small clusters around Nero, the settlements rose and grew, and of these Horizon has always been the most noticed – for better or worse. Located on the outskirts of Nero, distant enough to avoid attention, yet close enough for enterprising parties to have an eye on events and a hand on the action in the world’s largest business hub. The government tried to subdue the settlement by installing police force and restrictions, but the Yakuza’s rule was not to be toppled that easily. In the end, the authorities settled for a mutual understanding.

Located just beyond the Exclusion Zone from the mysterious catastrophe in Nero, Horizon went from a settlement prized for its discretion and lack of oversight to now being flooded with desperate refugees, outside agents, upstart gangs, and city authorities trying to establish a semblance of control.