A light in the sky

Horizon lies in the shadow of Nero City, and only the sun shines brighter than the biggest city in Asia. Well, the sun… and explosions.
Two weeks ago, 2 of the 6 districts in Nero were engulfed in flames. A sudden flash, an ear-splitting boom, a shock wave fierce enough to shatter all windows in its path.

Everyone had lost someone. Many had no home to return to anymore. No bodies to bury – only ash. All homes reduced to rubble. Rubble, which the authorities quickly sealed off access to due to an unspecified risk of “contamination”. Clever, if it’s an attempt to delay the investigation. Alarming, if it’s the truth.

For now most assume alarming, as the quarantine is not limited to the epicenter of the explosion. The whole city has been locked up tight. No-one in or out, and very little information about the reason behind this drastic decision.

Here in Horizon we often get more profit when travelers stay overnight. Staying indefinitely as a result of a catastrophe, with no more money or clothes on them than what they sat out with on that fateful day… That could cause problems. 

Already Horizon isn’t the friendliest of places. Sure, we got the whole package with the police, Yakuza and corporations – but we were not prepared for the consequences of losing the communication and supply lines to Nero. However independent we may wish to be, we rely heavily on the Big Light.