The SOULless

While the SOUL is a mandatory part of society, a few outcasts have either lost their SOUL through misfortune or rejected it for religious or ideological reasons.

The SOULless are met with equal parts pity and prejudice and are generally perceived as unpredictable freaks for their rejection of progress and often voluntary choice to live with non-augmented cognition.

SOULless live outside of normal society, often at the mercy of others. They have no registered identity in society. This means:

  • SOULless cannot report crimes against themselves, which means most people can abuse them with impunity. Normal people can report crimes against a SOULless much like you might report crimes against “the cat that’s often seen around the bar”, but even if they make the effort, there’s little incentive for the police to care.
  • SOULless have no identity to present to the police. Any police officer who wishes to harass them can merely demand to see their ID, and find them in violation of the law.
  • SOULless have no way to store or transfer credits. They often have to trade favors and attempt to find normal people they can trust with the formal ownership of all their meager possessions.

Because they live outside the protection of the law, many SOULless have had to resort to criminal associations and activities to survive, which further increases the prejudice.

As the SOUL is a big part of the gameplay, not many players if any are expected to play SOULless. It is a part of the community and setting, but should not be a significant group ingame – most SOULless you encounter will be NPCs. If you want to play SOULless, contact us beforehand.